One on One session

1 hour session - $ 25

2 hour session - $45

  • Includes handouts





Coaches Clinic

1 hour session - $ 50

2 hour session - $100

Here’s how it works: When you get better, the players get better, you’ll win more. After you’ve bought all the DVD’s, looked all over You Tube, had conversations with your fellow coaches, studied every possible set of clinic notes, viewed game film and reviewed all your coaching manuals. . . and you still have questions and the same old problems continue to rear their heads, my coaching consultation will become your game changer.


Too often, talented coaches lose their love of the game or get stuck in their career because they don’t have the professional support they need. When coaches don’t reach their potential, not only do they suffer, but so do their players, their teams and their programs. Ultimately, the Game suffers.



Wouldn’t it be great to know there’s someone you trust and can confide in with all your questions and concerns? Someone you can turn to regularly? Someone who will help you set and meet your goals and objectives? Someone who’s as committed as you are to reaching your potential as a coach? Someone who knows the score, has seen it all, and understands coaching – and the Game – at all levels.


You’ll be working one-on-one with an expert coach who has seen all sides of basketball and is equally comfortable talking X’s and O’s and those tough topics like parents, player motivation, frustrations, disappointments and even the problems that accompany success.


If you truly want your team to be better, you must first invest in yourself and get yourself better. Even when you’re an assistant, you need to learn how to go from being the person who makes suggestions to being the head coach who has to make tough decisions.

  • Five-Star Basketball Camp 1989-2000

  • USA Basketball Coaches Academy May 2017

  • USA Regional Camp 2017

  • Butler Basketball Club Summer 2019

  • Virtual Coaches Clinic - April 2020